Saturday, 2 November 2019

Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair 2019

I will be taking part in the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, November 7-10th. Billed as 'London's only Contemporary Print Fair', it promises to be a spectacular homage to all things print based, with hundreds of sumptuous prints by well-known and lesser known artists for sale.

A well as exhibiting 4 pieces from the open call, I was also delighted to be asked to produce a print for their exclusive editions, and have produced a new screen print for this! I have turned the two digital prints of North and South Circular Celestial Menagerie (see previous post), into a single screen print with north and south London celestial skies, featuring animals myths and legends of London. 70 x 50cms, in edition of 17. The print is called Celestial Creatures of The City, and is available to purchase form the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair here.

Celestial Creatures of the City screen print, available exclusively from Woolwich Print Fair. Copyright Anna Walsh

I will be exhibiting 2 screen prints and 2 digital prints alongside this, North and South Circular Celestial Menageries, The Stripe Set and The Pink Set. The fair is open to the public Thursday 7th November - Sunday 10th November, tickets approx £10. There is sure to be a lot to see so why not come along?

Thursday, 12 September 2019

The North and South Circular Celestial Menageries

Although I'm not a big believer of astrology, the visual language and stories of star signs and mapping the sky have always fascinated me, and how certain myths and legends became intertwined with the star constellations. It is a system that combines both the poetic symbol and hard fact, describing the relationship between the invisible (human imagination) and the visible (stars). As a longtime Londoner, and my interest in anthrozoology (interactions between humans and other animals), the stories of animals in the city often capture my imagination. For this series I researched relevant stories that corresponded with those of the animals used to symbolise the star constellations, but were London-centric. The North and South circular references the road that encloses London, and in these prints London boroughs in the south/north feature on the celestial ring-road.
These prints can be bought on the Garudio Studiage shop, and will be exhibited as part of the Woolwich Print Fair, which I am delighted to be taking part in in November (more about that later!).

The North Circular Celestial Menagerie print

The South Circular Celestial Menagerie print

Saturday, 6 April 2019

The Pink Set Screen Print

The Pink Set is an intricate 5 colour screen print of pink (ish) winged beasts, which will feature in my upcoming exhibition (see previous post for details). The exhibition will be a mixture of screen and digital prints, as I find each method works for different prints. The title of this one is a reference to the fashion world and its frivolous encouragement of discarding items for the latest fashion. The creatures in this print remind us where much of our creative inspiration come from, and that wildlife and the natural world should be treasured and protected for generations to come.

The Pink Set by Anna Walsh © the artist. 40 x 50 cms on Somerset Velvet 250gsm Antique Paper
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Lessons in Things, exhibition coming soon

Saturday, 2 March 2019

Lessons In Things exhibition coming soon

I have an exhibition coming up soon - 11th -14th April at The Newington Gallery (former Newington library, now part of Art Academy London) on Walworth Road.

For this exhibition I have been producing some new prints, some screen prints, some digital. I will write up a blog post for some of these pieces separately, as there's much to write about!  In the mean time, there is some information on Garudio Studiage website...

Lessons in Things is taken from a beautiful book I own from the Parisian shop Deyrolle, it is a direct translation of 'Le├žons de Choses', the title of the book, which contains posters and charts depicting old illustrated educational charts, mainly of animal and plants. Lessons in Things seemed an appropriately vague and arbitrary title for my exhibition, which will consist of charts, maps and diagrams with an anthroloologic (the study of human interactions with other animals) slant.

The Beast of Barnet by Anna Walsh, copyright the artist.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Sea Monster Soup in Ecological Citizen Journal

Ecological Citizen is a peer-reviewed journal with an earth-centred perspective. It features a mixture of articles and artwork that refect the topics of discussion for each issue. My piece 'Sea Monster Soup' was featured in Vol 1, no.2, which included topics such as Biodiversity and bioabundance; Protection and restoration of wilder habitata; Animal welfare; Energy and climate change; Waste and toxics and much more.
The journal is freely available online, and can be downloaded/read here (Volume1 issue2 is the one I am featured in) .

See more about 'Sea Monster Soup' on my previous post  

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Big Cats of Britain

Big Cats of Britain is a design I came up with a while ago, for a tea towel for Garudio Studiage. More recently I decided it worthy of being slightly adapted and being made available as a print. It is the result of much time spent researching supposed big cats sightings in the U.K. - some more believable and credible than others! I think my favourite is the South Wales Panther, said to be '100% a cuddly toy' by the British Big Cat Society!

All illustrations are from original hand drawings.

The print is on high quality archival digital print on Somerset velvet radiant white paper, 400 x 500 mm £60, edition of 99. Buy it on the Garudio Studiage Shop here, or if you still want the tea towel, we still have a few left here.

Big Cats of Britain by Anna Walsh

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Designs now on Red Bubble!

I have added some of my art work to Red Bubble, meaning you can purchase products with my designs on - from t-shirts to cushions and bags, even leggings! Some examples below, but click this link to see more.... The horse prints are taken from cyanotype prints I made, and the bats from hand drawings of bats found in London.

Floor cushion with 'Dream Gallop' design      

Studio pouch with 'Dream Horse' design
Cushion with 'London Bats' print